Surana Education Society is a registered educational society based out of Mandsaur, India. The society members are driven by the shared vision of providing the youth of India with quality education options that are accessible and socially inclusive contributing towards the global community. edify School mandsaur is aimed to mark a difference in the society through its educational system and philosophy.

Mr. Vijay Surana - Chairman

A well established business man of Mandsaur whose involvement in diverse fields from early 90’s in the field like noted restaurant in Mandsaur, large capacity warehouses and his unit of cereal extraction has made him a popular brand in the city. Mr.Vijay Surana is the Vice Chairman of the district’s BJP unit and has keen interest in the education sector where he desires that the children get the best of education in the city at par to international standards. The group already operates a B.Ed college in Dalauda.

Mr. Mayur Surana - Director

A young enthusiastic professional, believes in taking up challenges and actively takes care of the restaurant and warehouse business.

Mr. Aditya Surana - Director

Completed his BBA from Pune university and has also studied Event Management from a reputed National University is all focused to take on Edify School Mandsaur and cater to every child with the best of the services and facilities.